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Aspects reviewed

In order to obtain the quality indicators for ANQ reviews on which improvements can be based, hospitals and clinics are currently carrying out reviews of the following aspects of inpatient care on our behalf:

Acute care


  • Patient satisfaction
  • Postoperative wound infection
  • Potentially preventable readmissions and reoperations
  • Falls and pressure ulcers (bed sores)
  • Knee and hip implants (register)
  • Spinal implants (register in planning)


  • Patient satisfaction (parent surveys)
  • Postoperative wound infection: appendectomy
  • Pressure ulcers



  • Patient satisfaction
  • Symptom severity
  • Freedom-limiting measures

Children & adolescents

  • Symptom severity
  • Freedom-limiting measures



  • Patient satisfaction
  • Assessment of aspects of
    – bodily function/structure
    – Activity
    – Participation (goal setting, goal achievement)
    In rehabilitation centres
    – Cardiac rehabilitation
    – Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
    – Neurological rehabilitation
    – Pulmonary rehabilitation
    – Other rehabilitation