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Information brochures

What do patients, hospitals and clinics gain from participating in ANQ reviews? What are the potential stumbling blocks with regard to the interpretation of the results? Our information brochures will provide you with insights and answer important questions.

Arguments in favour of participating in a review

ANQ publishes standardised quality data nationwide, providing transparency with regard to the quality of results at the hospital/clinic level. In our activities, we comply with the provisions of the KVG (Swiss Health Insurance Act). As a result, we actively promote quality development in the Swiss healthcare sector. Assessment tools and data can be put to productive use in everyday clinical practice. All the reasons for participating in quality reviews are detailed in one of our information brochures.

Benefits and limitations of reviews

ANQ is committed to maintaining methodological diligence and transparency. We are thus careful to ensure that comparisons between hospitals and clinics are fair. We do not use rankings or performance listings such as those published by other hospital comparison portals as we do not consider that these have systematic validity. The significance of the results is determined by the subject under review, and on the review tools and methods used. Furthermore, they reflect only certain aspects of the overall quality of a hospital/clinic. For this reason, we have prepared an information brochure that describes the benefits and limitations of individual reviews.