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Review plan

The quality indicators (review aspects) for each department are set out in the ANQ review plan which is part of the National Quality Agreement. It is widely supported by the sector and recognised nationwide. The list of review participants shows which hospitals and clinics have participated in which reviews.

Practical benefits of reviews

Committees comprising specialists from hospitals, clinics, ANQ partner organisations and other stakeholders from the healthcare sector lend their ongoing support and contribute to developing the review plan. The experiences of hospitals and clinics and their feedback are taken into account as far as possible. ANQ follows a practical approach: where possible, reviews results are integrated directly into treatment procedures. It is essential that hospitals and clinics are able to use and apply review tools and data as a basis for quality development.

Criteria for new review aspects

The ANQ review plan will be valid indefinitely from 2018. Potential additional quality indicators will be assessed on the basis of transparent criteria and integrated into the review plan where appropriate. ANQ has published a list of criteria for this purpose. Rolling review planning allows ANQ to flexibly meet current challenges in the field of quality reviews.

Exemption from review

Hospitals and clinics are required to conduct ANQ quality reviews if they have signed the National Quality Agreement. Exemption is possible in justified exceptional cases. To apply for exemption, hospitals or clinics must submit a written request to the ANQ office which is then reviewed by ANQ on the basis of clearly defined criteria.

Review participants

ANQ publishes a retrospective overview listing participating hospitals and clinics per review year/period.