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Information for patients

Swiss acute care hospitals, psychiatric clinics, rehabilitation centres and paediatric hospitals carry out ANQ reviews on an ongoing basis. Depending on the subject of the review and the ANQ department involved, adults and parents of children and adolescents up to the age of 16 years may be interviewed while their data may also be collected.

Who we are

ANQ operates in partnership with the Swiss Hospital Association (H+), the Swiss insurance associations (santésuisse, curafutura* and the federal social insurance organisations that provide accident, military and disability insurance in Switzerland), all 26 cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein.  The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has observer status. This is a non-profit association.
*Definitive membership to be confirmed at the ANQ general meeting in May 2018.

What we do

We plan and implement regular quality reviews in approximately 400 Swiss hospitals and clinics in acute care, psychiatry and rehabilitation in partnership with independent review bodies and survey institutes. We publish the results of our reviews on our website and through the media.

Our review procedures

Every year and on our behalf, hospitals and clinics collect data on a range of aspects in various departments in order, for instance, to determine levels of patient satisfaction and wound infection rates after surgical procedures. Some data is registered on given dates and while other data is collected over a certain period of time. You may therefore be asked to participate in an ANQ review during your hospital stay.

Your privacy is guaranteed

All data collected will be kept strictly confidential. The results of our reviews will be presented in a form that means that it will not be possible to link the relevant data to you as an individual or to your illness or injury.

Our motivation

The aim is to promote quality in hospitals and clinics. Detailed evaluation of the review results will allow these institutions to continually improve the quality of treatment and care they provide. Transparent publication by individual hospital and clinic of
the results of the reviews also means that nationwide comparison of the individual institutions is possible. Both positive and negative changes over periods of several years are made visible.

Fairness first

We are careful to ensure fair comparison of clinics and hospitals. We do not use rankings, as the informative value of the results depends on the ANQ department involved and on the review method used. Moreover, individual review results do not allow conclusions to be drawn about the overall quality of an institution.  A hospital or a clinic can thus get an excellent score for one review variable, but show an above-average potential for improvement in another.

The benefit to you

Quality improvements in the Swiss healthcare sector will directly benefit not only future patients but the population as a whole. Your participation in ANQ reviews will help ensure that improvements are made and, at the same time, indirectly help reduce costs.

Every participant counts

The more patients participate, the more meaningful the results. If they are presented with explicit results, hospitals and clinics can develop targeted quality-enhancing measures. On behalf of all members of the association, we would therefore like to thank you warmly for deciding to participate.

Explanatory Video

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